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Terms and Conditions

Manage My Asthma Kids Club


Guardians will need to provide an email address to become a full Manage My Asthma Kids Club member and receive all the benefits.

Children can receive 1 x Kids Club Pack when their Guardian signs up on-line.

Children must have their guardian’s permission to sign up to The Manage My Asthma Kids Club.

Birth dates must be registered online to secure birthday offers and communications.

Membership cards or printed vouchers must be presented to redeem offers and will show an expiry date.

Customers may cancel their membership at any time by contacting the Asthma Foundation WA, or calling on 08 9289 3600 or by opting out of receiving emails.

Asthma Foundation WA has the right to change, cease or expire their Kids Club at any time and without notice.


Kids with asthma can!


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