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Andrew Gaffe

AFL Player, Andrew Gaff, answered some questions for the kids club about his asthma!

When were you diagnosed with asthma?

Diagnosed with asthma at 2 years of age

Have you ever felt asthma has held you back?

No, it hasn’t held me back at all-only an inconvenience when I was young

What triggers your asthma?

I don’t get asthma much anymore (unless I eat peanuts!). When I was young, getting a cold often led to asthma.

What advice would you give kids with asthma?

Advice would be not to think it will stop you performing at the highest level in whatever field you want to pursue in the future.

Hugo and Sadie

Hugo, age 2 was admitted to Princess Margaret Hospital for having for severe asthma flare up which was triggered by a virus.

Baby sister Sadie kept him company while he recovered. Hugo is doing well now, taking his preventer flixotide morning and night.

Well done Hugo!

Kids with asthma can!